Perspective linear-gradient background no longer working

Hi all, until Ignition 8.1.21 I was used to setting the backgroundImage style property to something like linear-gradient(to bottom,white 70%,#d3d3d3) to get a nice gradient background. I'm now on Ignition 8.1.23 and it doesn't seem to work any more. Any changes to the framework?

does it also not work in the browser? where did you put this on?

I put it on a Menu Tree but I've also tried on the root container: it does not show up in the browser either.

can you show us how you did that?

Next the section of my Menu Tree:
That same configuration did work in Ignition 8.1.21, both in the designer and in the browser.

weird, you could try inspect the element in the browser.
ctlr+shift+i and then ctlr+shift+c and hover over the it will guide you a bit into the element

you could also try background instead of backgroundImage and maybe add !important after it
linear-gradient(to bottom,white 70%,#d3d3d3) !important

maybe some default color style ahve changed. Anyways i would except a gradient to always be applied on the background, not the background image (though it does work, if no other background is configured)

You are right: it works when set as background. I've just opened my last 8.1.21 project to check and there it was set as backgroundImage. I will follow the new style setting. Thanks