Perspective login without keyboard?

I don’t. I am using a hope industrial touchscreen, which as far as I know only emulates a mouse.

I have found the solution to my issue. Perhaps it can help someone else. The elo touch driver that hope industrial posts on their website, only provides mouse emulation. Windows doesn’t recognize this as a touchscreen. I went to the elo website and downloaded the newest driver and replaced the one from hope, and then the OSK began working as expected.


Has anyone done this with a thin client to a RDP session? Our client does not want to put windows machines on the floor. I have not been able to get the OSK to popup automatically within the RDP session. Using Windows server 2016/2019 Remote Desktop server to launch a Browser for the perspective.

Hi Nick,

What touch screen hardware are you using to run Perspective on?

I’m currently designing Perpective on an HMI in a food production area and was after some advice if that’s okay?

We were using Advantech screens but have moved to using Bechoff panel PCs e.g. CP2219’s
Reason for the switch is because the Bechoff panels use later generation CPUs with higher passmarks for better client performance. I generally recommend passmarks > 4000. It’s certainly not something I’ve tested thoroughly as I haven’t had a wide array of HMIs to test with all at once to check for performance, but this is an approx number I use.

Just looking at the Advantech site, the highest CPU passmark I see is only 3200 (i5-6300U) for the size we use (18/19") compared to Bechoff’s 10,800 ( i7-9700TE)

We started off using one of Advantech’s Panel PCs with a really low spec CPU with 860 passmarks. The client performance was shocking, even in Vision. Lots of lag and just generally slow performance. Perspective clients need a lot more grunt than Vision

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for the information.

I have never used perspective on a touch screen and I’m wondering have you managed to do it with OSK for users to log in?

Given this thread is from last year I’m not sure where Perspective is at with the touch screen operation.

I believe all issues are resolved RE the OSK for Perspective clients launched from a browser and from Perspective Workstation. The issue I was having was launching the OSK from a Perspective client running inside the JxBrowser (provided by the Web Browser Vision module) displayed in a Vision project. I actually don’t know if this is resolved yet as our operators just got used to using a physical keyboard rested atop the panel PC… We’ve upgraded to 8.1.18 now, finally (it’s good to be back in the present), so it would be good to test this out now.

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could be nice to have a place where we can put the tested device with some remarks about the working?

Separate blog post or else?

I'm willing to setup something if needed i just want some feedback about the idea :slight_smile:


We use many Perspective HMIs on touch screens. No problem with the OSK as it appears automatically everywhere required when Windows is set to tablet mode.

I prefer modularity, so we install industrial flat panels (Siemens has good stuff at a reasonable price for a 22" HD) with a compact PC mounted behind it. The panels tend to outlive the PCs, and this way we can easily replace and upgrade the PC at a lower cost and no door cutout changes etc.

We use the RFIDeas PC Prox IP67 reader for badge based login. Works so well that operators forget that they can use their username and password. Security vs convenience, I suppose.

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I can confirm that this flat panel work well also under ubuntu desktop.
We have also used ITC V3 (thinclient) from siemens and with the latest firmware it works great also. But those are not full HD.


:100: We've been happy with Hope Industrial monitors, though with Perspective we're beginning to move towards Android tablets rather than PCs and touch screens. This goes against the above idea, but the tablets are easily replaceable and cost less than either the PC or the touch screen.

it may differ from company to company.
I'm pretty sure that in food and beverage they will not use tablet (at least here in Europe). Since tablet can contain some small part.

But i can see the pros of a tablet in a industrial environment

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Yes, it probably wouldn’t be right for food and beverage. In industrial environments, a drawback is capacitive touch doesn’t work with most gloves. Hanging a stylus with it works and some operators preferred a stylus even with resistive touch screens.

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That did it. Thank you!