Perspective login without keyboard?

I have a perspective project that is setup using Workstation on a couple of touchscreens without keyboard or mouse. I cannot find a way to login! How should this be done?
I’d be happy with either auto-login, an on-screen keyboard, or create my own login page, but can’t work out how to do any of these in perspective.

The reason I need to login is that this project is accessable from other locations, and I’ve added security around some functions. The secure functions should only be allowed from the local Workstations. But how to login?

This has apparently been fixed in 8.1.2. I raised this a few weeks ago. You’ll need to enable the OS onscreen keyboard and set it to show on input without a keyboard. Prior to 8.1.2,d espite doing this, input events were not being sent onto the OS to handle

Thanks Nick. I had a look at the changelogs and it looks like the fix is in 8.1.3

Oops, that link above was for Vision. I didn’t read it properly
I’ve tried both 8.1.2 and 8.1.3 and even after enabling the OS onscreen keyboard I can’t get it to work.

Without the auto-login or on-screen keyboard the only way I can see of getting this to work is to implement the security features based on the Session Property “host”. If the IP address matches the touchscreens, I’ll allow the functions, and if it doesn’t match then the user will have to login.
This way, no login is required on the touchscreens, and any remote users will need to login.

Still doesn’t give access to operators entering setpoints… I’ll need to try this as well, since I told our customer that it was fixed with info from IA :weary:

OSK support in Workstation is an in-development feature without a target release version yet. Reading over the ticket it appears there’s still some open issues and QA feedback to resolve.

When you say osk, are you talking about the OS osk or a custom-built osk? We need any osk as a matter of priority, as we have customers with HMIs in the field for 2 weeks now without the ability to login or type into setpoints. They’re getting cranky :cry:

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Workstation will support the native OS’s OSK. this means input type detection, focus detection to show and hide, and all the functionality you would expect with the native OSK with one caveat: javafx currently doesn’t have support for input focus detection which would open the OS’s OSK when you touch an input field (It still accepts input from the OS’s OS, just doesn’t open it automatically). However, Workstation will provide an option to use JavaFX’s OSK implementation (which does detect input selection) for these cases if you so choose.

This means that launched Perspective sessions will have full use of the native OS’s OSK. Configuring the application in workstation might require you to enable the OSK if you require the functionality of opening the OSK when touching a text/input field.

The changes have already gone through code review and are getting a thorough QA check currently. No ETA, but its looking good.

Hope that gives some clarity!

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What about using the osk in Perspective inside the vision Web browser component, which is what we’re doing?

I know it’s not the ideal solution, but if you need something now you can make a popup window with buttons on it to mimic an onscreen keyboard to allow setpoint entry.

A ticket for the Web Browser components OSK just got completed and should be included in the 8.1.3 release.

Is this also going to solve the problem for those of us running in perspective workstation?

Perspective Workstation in 8.1.2 should function a lot better on touchscreens, but full support is still in the pipeline. Changes are going through testing now and will make it in to the codebase once QA gives it all a once over.

FYI keyboard support just got added to version 8.1.4

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I am running 8.1.4RC and still can’t seem to get the OSK to popup when I tap on a text/number field. Any suggestions?
I am running windows 10

Where are you running Perspective within?
This issue, at least for me, is fixed when running it in a browser (Chrome/Edge/etc.) and in Workstation, but still isn’t working from within a Web Browser component running inside Vision (which incidentally is where we are mostly running Perspective on touchscreens................ for a few months now...... :slightly_frowning_face: the operators still can’t login or change any setpoints).

In order for it to popup though for the other two, you either need to be in tablet mode, or have set the Typing setting in control panel to show the osk when not in tablet mode and you have no keyboard (Search Windows start menu for “Typing”)

I am running workstation. I have the show osk when not in tablet mode set to true, and it didn’t work. I put the computer into tablet mode and it still did work. I guess one question is, is it supposed to pop-up on numeric entry fields as well as text fields? I have only tried numeric entry.

I tried a text field. No keyboard. They I check using edge, I click on the address bar, no popup keyboard. So at least for the moment, this seems to be more of a windows issue than an ignition specific issue.
For the record I am running Perspective Workstation 1.1.4-rc1

Yep, that’s not an igntion issue if it’s not showing for other apps either. You don’t have any wireless keyboard dongle plugged in or something silly like that?

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