Perspective losing passed parameters

In perspective I’m passing parameters when navigating to other views, that all works well but it seems when I push an update or connection to the server is lost the passed parameter is lost. That parameter is used in a where claus to update a table row, so with out that parameter the update wont happen. I could extend the query to make sure that value is not null but is that normal behavior?

But even if it was null and I detected that, the user has to go back in navigation and re-select the navigation button to pass the parameter again.

It works when the user picks up the tablet, they select what project they are working on, then they select the QC ‘area’ they are checking. When pressing on ‘QC A’ the QC A view appears with the project name parameter passed into it. Once they complete all the required fields the passed project parameter is used to make used to make sure the results go into the correct row with a where claus. With out that project name the sql update will fail, which seems to be whats happening.

If a property exists and it has the “Persistent” property active/selected (True), then when the Designer saves, the corresponding value property is overwritten in all sessions with the value saved in the Designer. Try setting Persistent to False (unselected) and see if that resolves your issue. You would want to right click the troublesome param key, and then unselecting the “Persistent” property under the Options category. It’ll also probably not be until after the save that you see the effect as the save event of the setting itself would overwrite the live values.

Thank you, I’ve turned off persistent and pushed out the update. I wont know till the weekend now on how that performs when they get back to using the tablets.

But… you won’t know if it’s working until you actually save in the Designer while they’re using it live.

Sorry, That’s what I ment to say. On Saturday when they are using it I will push out another update and see what happens now persistent is off.