Perspective Map and View Parameters in 8.1

I’m just posting this because I spent all day trying to find out what was wrong and thought maybe it will help someone else. It seemed like something changed between 8.0 and 8.1 on the map as this was working fine before. (although I’m thinking maybe something got fixed the way its supposed to be)

Basically I have a view thats repeated several time in the map.params.ui.views section. I have a script onMouseClick inside the view that basically sets a border around it, and sends a message to all the other views to remove the border.

But the property that was driving that change was also set as a view parameter. If you change the parameter IN the view through scripting or some other method, it doesn’t reflect the change in the params list for that view on the map. So I was setting the property, and then the map was just setting it back to what it thought it should be.

Long story short, if your going to set a parameter on something, interact with it that way. otherwise just use scripting/messaging. dont do both! :smiley: