Perspective - Map Component, Heatmap Possible?

Just wondering if a heatmap is possible with Perspective’s Map component? I haven’t looked to deeply at the component. Just trying to understand it’s possibilities right now.

We currently implemented something like this from Google’s API: Heatmaps  |  Maps JavaScript API  |  Google Developers


Someone may correct me, but it doesn’t look like this is currently possible - Leaflet (the base of the map component) lists a few external plugins you can use to display a heatmap, but we’re not currently including any of them.

If you’re able to share, what’s the use case for the heatmap? We’re generally better able to prioritize features if they can apply to multiple industries/use cases.

You can also post to to help us gauge community interest.

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Thanks for the quick reply!..But that sounds good. Figured it probably wouldn’t be straightforward.

But the use case is that we have over 100 locations scattered across country that we like to monitor their output, on certain metrics. The heatmap helps us visualize geographically where the greatest and least amount is coming from.

I am doing almost exactly what you are asking about right now. I work for a water / wastewater utility provider, and I am working on creating a map that will show rain gauge readings, sewer interceptor levels, combined sewer outfalls, etc. Each structure will have a custom SVG component that will change colors depending on the reading coming from the sensor. On top of that, I have used a few map APIs to pull in a few weather overlays that show current and historical weather conditions.

I was able to use several of the Map Server functions that are available through our ArcGIS REST API to pull in layers and make them interactive. When you click on a site or structure, a popup window appears displaying the site information; as well as near-real time data.

Currently, I am working on creating the SVG components that will sit on the map and change color / fill level depending on the latest value pulled. The ultimate goal is to create a heat map displaying which areas of the city are being affected the most by a rain event.

I am not too familiar with Google’s API but after skimming through the example script in the link you provided, it looks like it operates very similar to how our ArcGIS API works. As long as you are able to make httpGet() requests and have the geometry results be returned in JSON format and the layer image returned as a .png it should be pretty easy to implement through some scripting.

Feel free to message me and I can go into more detail about the specifics.

-Josh Dafforn

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Has a heatmap feature been incorporated into the map component? Or have other been successful in developing a heatmap in perspective?