Perspective Map Component Tooltip Auto-Appear Issue

Hey all,

I have an issue with the map component tooltip auto appearing and messing with the pan functionality.

When generating the markers via a script that runs on a timer, they appear as expected. The script takes in the bounds of the map and only loads markers that appear in those bounds, then reloads if you drag the map some distance with the new bounds.

You can also change “areas”, which causes the map to move to a calculated location and reload the markers with the new bounds. This all seems to work fine, except for a tooltip that appears on one of the markers on load most of the time, which causes the map pan to trigger and then pan back to the opened tooltip immediately.

This appears without the mouse entering the map, with marker settings like so (they are all identical but for the name/text/lat/lng):
If you manually go in and close the tooltip each time, that usually solves the issue until the markers reload, in which case the issue happens again.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this issue?