Perspective Map component : vector circle radius property hasn't any effect


I try to test map performance for one of our customers, unfortunately, i don’t succeed to make vector circle working well.

I try with these properties :slight_smile:
“circles”: [
“lat”: 44.858856,
“lng”: -0.5902
“radius”: 50,
“stroke”: {
“enabled”: true,
“color”: “#FF0322”,
“weight”: 1,
“opacity”: 1,
“dashArray”: “”,
“dashOffset”: “”,
“lineCap”: “round”,
“lineJoin”: “round”
“fill”: {
“enabled”: true,
“color”: “”,
“opacity”: 1,
“rule”: “nonzero”

the only way to make the circle bigger and increase the weight value of the stroke.

Have you got any idea?

Best Regard

This is a very old conversation but it’s the only one on the subject and I just ran into the same problem. However, I think I have the answer: the radius seems to be specified in meters, not pixels.

This behavior makes a lot of sense because it means the circle scales sensiblywith zoom level. I think the the only problem is that the tooltip is wrong.