Perspective Map Component

Hey I’ve just downloaded Ignition 8.0.12 and it work now :slight_smile:.
I was on 8.0.10 before if it help.

I have an other issue on Perspective with the Map component.
I’ve added elements in Layers/ui/marker and I’m trying to change the icon path in the element.

I’ve added: /system/images/NZ Controls/Icons/64/Water drop_blue.png but it doesn’t take it.
When I add an image component with the same image path it take it no problem.

Does the icon path parameter expect something else in it?


An other “issue” I have with the map component is after I passed tags to the popup of locations on my maps, all the location icons started blinking which is pretty annoying to look at.

I’m trying to display live information to several stations on a map.

Is there a way to do it and avoid the blinking?

I still couldn’t find out how to change the icon as well, if anyone have a solution.