Perspective map hover color svg

I'm trying to make a building map using a SVG file for the floorplan outline itself. I'd like the different areas of the building to change color when hovered over, similar to the Building Management System demo. This is easy enough with a style class and label components, but I can't make it work for odd-shaped areas that aren't simple rectangles.

I exported these areas as separate SVGs and used event scripts on them to set a custom property on the root container when the mouse enters and leaves. I then bound the fill color for my SVG shapes to this custom property. This is similar to the BMS demo project, but it's slow and doesn't always work.

Is there a better way to accomplish this? I tried using the pipe tool to make the outline, but I can't set the pipe z-height, so complex shapes can't be made by masking.

I was able to get this working by deleting the SVG element's fill property and adding a style class to the SVG with the fill set.