Perspective map lags with large amount of features

Hi all,

I’m trying to build a project to monitor marine traffic so i tried using the free open-source marine traffic data from Marine traffic | Digitraffic - Fintraffic. I faced serious lag issue in the perspective map when using the browser and even in the designer mode. I believe it might be due to large number of features loaded in the perspective map.

I need help to optimise the Perspective map. Would there be a better way to load the marine traffic in the perspective map like what we can see in the

Does anyone have any advise?

Are you trying to recreate the map? I think your assumption that it’s the features that are slowing the map down is correct - it looks like it loads all of them, regardless of where they are (whether they will even be displayed or not).

I would look into Marine Traffic’s API and see if there is a way to pass in bounds (the lat and lng of two opposite corners) - I think that would make the map a lot more responsive (here is a start). You can use the Perspective Map’s getBounds() method to retrieve the bounds a user is displaying at that moment and then query only the features that would immediately be displayed.

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