Perspective map markers configuration

Hello everyone,
I have created and config map with markers on locations. I need that when I click on marker to open page specified for that location. But, now all markers on the map, when clicked, are opening same page.
My markers have unique names. I configure marker event using right click on the map, configure events, OnMarkerClick, Actions (Navigation).
Can anyone please help me?

Are you performing any logic based off of the name of the marker? I don’t believe configuring a Navigation ACTION is the solution for this because it sounds like you need to dynamically navigate based on the name of the marker. You should configure a Script Action instead, and use the marker’s name to configure some logic:
Something like

if == 'MarkerOne':
elif = 'MarkerTwo':
    # some other navigation

The smart thing to do would be to simply name the markers as the url they should navigate to:


and you would set the markers up like this:
Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 8.46.51AM

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Thank you very much cmallonee!
This is exactly what I need.

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