Perspective Map Max Zoom Level

I am using Version 8.1.7 and the maximum zoom available in the Perspective map component is currently limited to 18. Does anyone know if there are plans to increase this level so users can zoom farther in? The current setting is fine as long as I use the default raster tile url, but when I change it to a url with satellite images it would be really nice to be able zoom farther and see more detail similar to Google Maps or Google Earth.

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That’s an option in the tile provider properties, not something hardcoded to the component (it simply defaults to 18):

It looks like you need to reload the page for the change to take effect, which isn’t ideal…

Ok thanks. I tried to mess with that property earlier and couldn’t get it to work, but it is working now after reloading the view.

Tim Merilatt

I am also having an issue where the map zooms in and out when I am trying to touch and drag using only one finger. It should only zoom using the pinch gestures. Is this a bug in my version, or is there another property to control that?

We are also having the same problem. The map zooming is not working as before.

I recently upgraded my gateway to the newest version, and I no longer have this problem.