Perspective map onClick() find clicked source of the event

I have a map component with a vector polygon over the map which I want users to click to navigate to a sub map based on the clicked polygon.
I see it’s not possible from designer to attach events directly to sub-objects of the perspective map component so I have created a MouseEvents.onClick script on the map component in which I would like to check the event source and verify whether it was my polygon or another area of the map.

I tried printing the possible fields of the event with:

def runAction(self, event):
	log = system.util.logger("MapLogging")

but neither “source” or “target” keys are defined for the event:

Error running action 'dom.onClick' on components/component-views/display/map@C$0:0/root/FlexContainer/ComponentInstance2/Map: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<function:runAction>", line 11, in runAction AttributeError: 'com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.script.ada' object has no attribute 'source'

the event object contains only:

  "type": "click",
  "eventPhase": 3,
  "bubbles": true,
  "cancelable": true,
  "timeStamp": 2204.760000007809,
  "defaultPrevented": false,
  "isTrusted": true,
  "detail": 1,
  "screenX": 1022,
  "screenY": 500,
  "clientX": 929,
  "clientY": 360,
  "pageX": 929,
  "pageY": 360,
  "ctrlKey": false,
  "shiftKey": false,
  "altKey": false,
  "metaKey": false,
  "button": 0,
  "buttons": 0,
  "movementX": 0,
  "movementY": 0

any idea on how to delve deeper on the raised events and in particular the source of an event?

For anyone interested, the reply I got is that If you placed the script on the “onClick” mouse event then the source of the event is the map component itself and no other information is passed into events.
Currently there does not appear to be any notion of which objects on the map might have been clicked on the Map component besides the onMarkerClick event which returns the name of the marker, the onMapClick which returns the lat/lon of where you clicked.
Probably the only way at the moment is to extrapolate the clicked polygon starting from the lat/lon information returned, or create an ad hoc component for Perspective via the SDK.

A work around I have been using for a similar probelm is to create a perspective component and make it transparent with a onClick action.Then place the component above the polygon using ui view property under layers.