Perspective Map provider not working after upgrading to 8.1.2

Hey @jball,

I am testing 8.1.2 right now ( was previously on 8.0.16 ) and it seems like the Perspective Map Component doesn’t like my WMS tile layer anymore.

I’m seeing this error in the log:

In the designer I’m seeing this error printed to the console when i change the tile url:

Any idea what could be causing this?

Thank you,
Matthew Gaitan

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That certainly sounds like a bug if it broke on upgrade with no changes made to the component’s properties. We didn’t/wouldn’t deprecate any component properties without backwards compatibility. Would you mind opening a support ticket so we can get a working example of the error that you’re seeing? If this is a regression (which it sounds like), it will be given high priority. Thanks for reporting.

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Yep, no changes were made to the component.

I exported the map into it’s own project and created a project backup. I’ve submitted the project backup in a Support Ticket.
ID: #7694

Thank you for the help,
Matthew Gaitan

Thanks Mathew!

Just a quick follow-up… This fix is going through QA right now and will be part of the 8.1.3 release.

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Thank you for the quick turn around!

It seems it still broken in 8.1.3 rc1:

The fix missed the RC1 release by a couple of hours, but it’s been merged into the release branch. I doubt we’ll have an RC2 as this was a very low-risk update (all work contained within the Map component), so it’ll be ready for you once the full release is finalized in early March.

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Hey @jball,

We’re still having issues with this.

On 8.0.16:
On prem - the tiles load (I think it uses Browser/IP based authentication?)
Off prem - A username / password prompt appears, upon logging in the tiles appear

On 8.1.4:
On Prem / Off Prem Nothing happens (if i go to our 8.0.16 session map page, the tiles magically load in the 8.1.4 session)

Is there an added step that needs to be done?

Looks like the requests to our WMS provider have a status code of 401 unauthorized

May be you provide layer incorrectly.
If your layer is number you have bind theme as string.
Also there is a small bug in desinger and most of the time it doesn’t load map but in browser it load wms .

Hey Nader,

The layer is already using a string binding and it’s not loading in the designer or in the browser. All I see is the 401 unauthorized response in the browser as it’s not granting me access or prompting me to login like it used to in 8.0.X

So it is security setting from your tile provider. You can check this in other gis client software.

so i updated our actual prod server instead of testing locally.

I get this error in the logs:

level: WARNING
message: "A cookie associated with a cross-site resource at was set without the SameSite attribute. It has been blocked, as Chrome now only delivers cookies with cross-site requests if they are set with SameSite=None and Secure. You can review cookies in developer tools under Application>Storage>Cookies and see more details at Cookies default to SameSite=Lax - Chrome Platform Status and"
source: “http://xxxxxxxxx:8088/data/perspective/design

No clue if that means I have to get our GIS software updated or not though.

I think there’s still an issue here. The requests to our GIS server all are automatically blocked, but if i copy the url from one of the requests and put it in a new browser window a login prompt appears (like how it used to) and after logging in i can see the map tile. After switching back to my Perspective session and reload all the tiles appear.

For some reason Ignition is no longer prompting me to login, like it used to. It seems sporadic though. Sometimes it will ask me, sometimes it wont.

very interesting situation for authentication and there is no option in the perspective map for that.

please let me know if you find any solution.
you should make a support ticket for that.

It kind of just started working? I did absolutely nothing then magically I started getting prompted to login again like I used to. So i’m not sure what the deal was?

May be if you restart my gateway or client you see this problem again.
Or may be it only happen in desinger environment and not browser. (I see a bug for wms that only happen in desinger and not client)

I am getting this same error with my WMS maps. Did anyone else resolve it? "“A cookie associated with a cross-site resource at http://esriprodw…as set without the SameSite attribute. It has been blocked, as Chrome now only delivers cookies with cross-site requests if they are set with SameSite=None and Secure.”

I haven’t seen this error pop up in awhile. Nothing was changed on my end from what I remember (other than updating Ignition. Currently on version 8.1.15).

I think around the time that I was having these issues our IT was going through and updating SSL certificates. Though i can’t say for certainty if that’s what was causing the error to pop up