Perspective Map - Scale Marker Icon?

First what I’m trying to do - use the Perspective Map component as a factory map for our devices. Ie: if someone wants to find information on a specific machine, they click on the machine on the map.

Everything works great but my last challenge is - we don’t have an option for tooltip or popup views when using raster tiles, so I’m using markers, which works great to link
to device pages… but the marker icons (by design), don’t scale when you zoom so they get out of scale with my map. I’m trying to use the icon size with .getzoom() but struggling to find an expression that works. Any suggestions?


I tried building this using components but a map component solves a lot of resolution, scrolling, zooming and navigation challenges. When I did a simple concept people loved it.

Feel free to challenge me on that if you’ve got a better idea for a ‘factory map’ that is nice to use across phones/tablets/PCs.



Ah! Got it - grabbed zoom value and stored it on the map and then it grows and shrinks expontially by 2, although that might be set somewhere too.

if <>0 , componentsize*2^({this.custom.zoomValue}-zoomlevel)

Performance isn’t great on my Iphone6 >_< but works great on PC

… And in the end I think just using custom views and adjusting their sizes will work better

I’d tried that before but the end result and performance is not good. You have two options:

  1. for small factory layout:
    try create all of them in normal view and client zoom in and out and pan by browser.
    or try this for cluttering:
    Trick to cluttering in Perspective
  2. for bigger layout you can create your own tiles files and store them in ignition web folder to serve them as tiles server. and data use layers.ui.view to use embedded view.
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#1. yeah I tried using normal view and zoom and pan by browser but this just isn’t common knowledge for a lot of people apparently. But I could probably catch mouse wheel and figure it out. I like that cluttering

#2. I started trying before your post but glad to hear that’s what you suggest, so far I think it’s working and it’s the way to go. Right now I’m using using a view and then adding factory items as embedded views within that view - I’ve got 30 CNC machines added and it is performing well so far - view refreshes when zooming but that’s not too terrible. Maybe tile would solve that - thanks!

I know this is an old topic, but how did you get this to work? Is there any way to somehow use a view that I created with the map component similar to what you did with your map layout?