Perspective Map - Set background / no-tile colour?

Is there any way to set the no-tile background colour from grey?


inject css:
}.leaflet-container { background: #FFFFFF; }{

or in the theme.css:
.leaflet-container { background: #FFFFFF; }

Thanks. How did you find/know that? I looked in the dev tools but didn’t see any colours defined :thinking:

It was a couple of divs below the ignition container and i had to scroll down a bit as it had tons of classes/styles


OOo, very nice. I’ll have to be more persistent next time. Cheers again!

The element selector in google chrome (ctrl+shift+c) work better than on the igntion external debugger. It can find nested elements way better. I always use it there.
(tho in this case it didnt make much of a difference)