Perspective - Markdown component with inline styles

How do I apply inline styles to text in the Markdown component?

I’ve tried this as my source:

&bull; <span class="psc-Style1">This is my text!</span><p>&bull; ...

but it results in this:

The span gets closed automatically it seems by the component straight after it’s opened so it doesn’t encapsulate the text :confused:

seems like it only works with <p>
try changing span to p

You aren’t using true inline CSS. If you look at the global CSS folder - var(--label) is overwriting the body.

If you want to add true inline CSS to your markup component then you need to use the style attribute like this…

<p><span style="color:red;">this is the text I want to change color!</span>

You could also try adding the <style> element in the <head> section of the mark-up acting as internal css? But the first suggestion should work fine because I just did it myself.

I added CSS to the <header> section of the markup and the span held the style.