Perspective: material io icons not showing up in Edge browser


I accidentally opened Perspective up in Edge instead of Chrome but I noticed that Icons don’t appear to be working in Edge. Comparison below Edge vs Chrome.

These are the properties set for the button:

When using an Icon either in a button, or just an icon on the page. I have found that they dont seem to render on Microsoft Edge.

When the icons are in a button, it also changes the button to render the default background, even when there is a style class applied that makes it transparent.

View on edge

View on Chrome:

Is this Chromium Edge or “old” Edge?

It’s not-the-new-logo Edge, if that helps… not this one image (I launched on another machine so don’t have the old one installed)

I found that as well with transparency, old Edge didn’t like it at all. Those chevron buttons had a transparent colour set to their background and they went black

Mine is in “old edge”, which unfortunately is a requirement from my customer at this time.

However I did try it on Chromium Edge and the issue dissapears

This is not an official statement from IA, but I can’t say that getting things to work on “Edge Legacy” will be a great idea, given that support is being dropped in less than six months:

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Sounds like I good reason for me to push for them to switch to new edge!