Perspective Menu Tree Item Height

My client has quite a few pages that they would like to add to the Menu Tree Component. In order to fit them on the screen without scrolling vertically I would like to shrink the height of each individual item in the tree. It appears they are about 50px or so but there is a lot of white space above and below the icons. Is there a way to reduce the height?

On the itemStyle property, you can add a key for height and set it to auto then also add a key for padding and set it to 0 or whatever looks nice to you.

Thanks very much, works great! Any chance that can be exposed by default so other users can find it easier?

Well, the style property objects can accept pretty much any css style. We just expose the ability to place your own css styles in these areas. There isn’t really a set of default styles that may/may not be useful for any given component as it’s meant to be really open ended in what you can do.


I tried this and works perfectly for the size of the menu items but the icons within this item are not centered anymore.

Do you know how to fix this?

In addition, I have the same problem with the icon of the dropdown.