Perspective Menu Tree - Navigate from root item/top level target? Menu Index?

In the perspective menu tree, if I have one item with no sub items, then clicking on that item navigates to the page I have in the target: field, which makes sense. Once I add sub-items to that item, clicking it swaps for the sub-items. That also makes sense, but is there any way to implement a click -> navigate to target, mouse-over -> view sub-items?

Here’s the reasoning - I have 8 buildings in two separate locations. So I have pages for each function, pages for each building, and pages for rooms in the buildings.

It makes sense navigation wise to drill down to the rooms through the locations and the buildings … but I still want to be able to navigate to the ‘top’ items.

Having trouble implementing this because doesn’t seem to be events for top level items, or for clicking on headers. Should I make duplicate items that have no sub items just as links?

Also - is there a way to set the Menu index, so that when you’ve navigated to a ‘sub sub sub’ item, the menu is already at that area when the page refreshes?

I hope I’m not missing something obvious


You could “short-circuit” the click behavior by using the onItemClicked Event to perform navigation when a top-level item is clicked, but… then you would never see the sub-items.

Unfortunately, the Menu Tree was never designed to handle expand/collapse behavior outside of a user’s click, and so the only way to drill down into sub-items is to click. This prohibits your desired top-level click navigation, as well as the desired hover-to-expand behavior.

Gotcha - that’s what I was starting to think that I was using it out of design purpose. I did see the newer ‘onItemClicked’ event which is great, but yeah same deal.

I guess that would work if I swapped a view instead of a page?

For hierarchical navigation structure I’m struggling with a navigation strategy in perspective, the horizontal menu has the same limitation of, I can drill down to sub menus but not navigate to the ‘main’ item of the menu

Have you tried something like this?

Location A
L__ Go
L__ Building 1
L____ Go
L____ Room 1
L____ Room 2
L__ Building 2
L____ Go
L____ Room 1
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You still have to click into the location, but then you have the ability to navigate to the item you’re “in”.

Yeah that’s what I have going on now - felt kind of unwieldly/not natural to use, but I think that just might be a layout thing and if I show items as indented, smaller, different colors it may make the navigation feel more fluid/obvious.

Looking at that outside my project, that might lend itself well to containers that aren’t pages. ie: ‘Departments’ will never have a page, but I may want another area like departments.

Thanks for the help!

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