Perspective Menu Tree

I have an image as my home screen with a menu tree in front of it. I would like to have transparent background so the image shows through, although when a menu item is selected, the top menu text shows behind the sub menu. Is there a way to set the top menu text transparency to -0- when the sub menu is visible? Thanks.

You’re question is a little unclear, but you could set MenuTree.props.headerStyle.opacity to 0, if your goal is to no longer see the parent item of the displayed sub-items.


I tried that, the problem is that the top menu text is showing through when the background is set to transparent.

  1. Which browser are you using? I don’t experience that same overlap with Chrome or Firefox:
  2. You could also set MenuTree.props.items[x].showHeader to false for anything other than a leaf node - this would eliminate any possibility of overlap, as the header should not display in the first place so you don’t need to worry about opacity.

Thank you for the help. I am developing this for the mobile app and the problem I am having is that I would like for the background to be transparent so I can overlay the menu on an image (see examples). With the background transparent, when I select one of the menu items, the sub menu appears but the headings are still visible behind them. I can remove the headings from the sub menu items but that has no effect on the primary heading layer. T_1 _2 hanks again!

You haven’t answered my question.

Or are you experiencing this in the actual mobile App?

I am only experiencing this in the mobile app.