Perspective messageBox Ignition 8

Hey Guys,

I have been playing around with system.perspective.sendMessage but it has not been working. I am still trying to understand the parameters to that function.
I’ve been poking at this for quite a while but is there any system.gui.messageBox alternative in perspective?
Thank you for your time.

Delbert Edric

I think what you’re looking for is system.perspective.openPopup()
You would create a view (a coordinate container for example) and just reference that view when you call openPopup.

Link for other parameters to get fancy:


I understood that to use this openPopup function there is the need to create a new view with the message. Is that right?
But I'd like to simply show a message, I don't want to have a new view for this.
In vision, it would simply be: system.gui.messageBox.
What is the alternative for this in Perspective?

There is no alternative for this in Perspective. Create a view for this purpose.

{ You should also avoid using those simple popups in Vision--they block all foreground threads while open. That can have surprisingly negative consequences. }

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