Perspective Mobile app issue

I’m trying to build a simple mobile app to run on an android barcode scanner but can’t even start to test it because when I launch the project in the mobile app it tells me I’m not permitted to run the app in a browser. Can anyone give me some insight into why I’m getting this?

Is this happening in the Perspective mobile app, or in a browser? If the latter, you may need to upgrade and/or contact your sales rep. Licensing has been simplified and no longer differentiates between client types.

Its in the perspective mobile app.

Weird; yeah your screenshots suggested that but I thought I’d doublecheck. If you’re not on the latest Ignition version and can upgrade that, there’s a chance it’ll help. Otherwise it looks like a reason to contact support.

I figured that would be my plan for in the morning. Had to try here first in case someone ran into it before.

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