Perspective mobile app login - authentication - session timeout recommendations

I’m setting up our Perspective project so that our remote field staff can use the Perspective mobile app on their iPhones in the most efficient experience possible. My issues is that our sessions seem to timeout quicker than our project is set at which causes us to have to login many times throughout the day.

Our Setup:
Version - Ignition 8.0.16

  • Our company uses Cisco AnyConnect as a vpn to our internal network, which then we can connect to our Igniton’s gateway and access our Perspective project. So first step is open AnyConnect app to login, then open Perspective, and select the project to open, then login there (doesn’t seem to be a way to have a single sign on yet?).
  • We are using the internal Igniton Idp.
  • In our Project Properties > Perspective > General > I have the Desktop and Mobile set at 36,000 seconds, which is the highest it can go (10 hours).
  • In the Inactivity section below the previous setting, I have the Inactivity Timer set at 600 minutes and enabled. I also tested by disabling this, but I’m a little confused on what this setting differs from the Session Timeout.
  • Lastly, in the Session Props, I have the device > settings > preventSleep set to true.

The main issue is that when our field staff is going around remotely from site to site, their cellular connection will drop, which will also drop the vpn, which of course there will be no gateway connection. After about 30 minutes, even with the Perspective app still open in the background, when the user opens the app up with a cell network connection back, Perspective will ask to authenticate and they have to put in their username and password (which can be long and cumbersome on a phone many times throughout the day). This will also open a new session ID.

Is this expected behavior or is there some setting that I’m missing? Something seems to be timing out causing us to have to re-authenticate with the Idp or similar.

**Edit to add: Though we are on version 8.0.16, I did notice the newer versions have an Idp Inactivity timeout setting in the Gateway defaulted at 30 minutes, is this what could possibly be happening? Is there a way to access this in 8.0?

I found this file:

\“localhost”\c$\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\webserver\webapps\idp\WEB-INF\web.xml

And this has a reference to the Idp timeout with a value of 30, would changing this help, does the Ignition Service need to be restarted? Or is there another file with this value to change?