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Hi everyone,

I just started to learn ignition software. I’m trying to build my project in perspective module. I want to launch my project using QR code but It seems like the option that was on gateway home page is not anymore. I’m using mobile app to manually search my gateway, could you tell me where to find host name and IP address information ?

Thank you very much in advance.

I’ve never tried that but you could open the project in a browser and copy the URL into one of the online QR generators.

That should work

In your gateway, view perspective projects, launch the project and your browser URL will show the info you need… For example…


Use that to generate a QR code as Transistor posted… This is the one I use

Thank you very much for this information. However, I manually input Gateway and it gave me an error message saying “Host invalid”. On the other hand I also tried to scan QR code on mobile app and it said " No gateway connection. Check your internet connection and try again". The confusing part is that I can launch the project from my gateway but not in Ignition perspective app. Do you think I need to configure gateway settings first before I launch the project on my device ?

Are you using the app on a device that is on the same network as the gateway is there something blocking access like ports ?


So, I downloaded ignition perspective app for iOS. I’m using the same network for both devices but still can’t find the gateway. I did not purchase the licensee which means that I’m still in trial mode when launching the projects, do you think that could be the reason ? and if not, I’m thinking maybe I need to change settings on gateway itself.

Thank you very much again for you time and help.

Since you can open a client on the gateway machine but not on a device on the same network, I’d put my money on the gateway machine ports not allowing you access. If its windows machine, it would be windows firewall.

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