Perspective Mobile Client IP Address

I’ve been using Ignition 7 with mobile clients for years now with no problem. I am planning my upgrade to Ignition 8 and one thing I’ve noticed so far is the system client tags for the perspective module doesn’t seem to work. For example, if I add a Perspective component ‘Label’ and go to ‘Props’ and then try to bind the ‘text’ property to ‘{[System]Client/Network/IPAddress}’ it just shows a null value. I can drill down through all of the properties and all of the rest work just fine. My tags from RSLINX work fine, the other system tags work fine, but not the system/client tags. To clarify, the system/gateway tags work fine, but not the system/client ones. Same goes for trying to read the accelerometer data. I tried using this as an expression, direct tag with no luck.
When trying to read the property ‘session.props.device.accelerometer.y’ (or x) it just shows ‘0’ instead of an actual value. I’ve tried using a web browser to access this view and also the latest gen iPad.

Client Tags are a Vision concept, and in fact, they’ve been renamed Vision Client Tags in 8.0 to reflect that. They were accessible from the Mobile module because that was an extension of Vision.

Perspective stands entirely on its own from Vision. Session props are what you’re looking for here. I’m not sure why you can’t read accelerometer data - it might require that you’re using the Perspective mobile app in order for the data to be available.

It looks like will give you the ip address on the iPad on using so that might work. Also, I did install the Perspective App, but it didn’t seem to make a difference on the acclerometer or ip address session property. It also seems weird that on my desktop it gives me a hostname, while on the iPad it gives me an IP address.

Did you start the accelerometer through its scripting action? We make sure not to start any device sensors unless a user specifically requests it for battery/performance reasons.