Perspective Mobile Connection

Hi guys, i am wondering what is the best way to stop my mobile connection with the perspective app running. At the moment when the screen locks, after a period of time it loses connection to the gateway. Is this an inactivity setting on the project or something related to the mobile?

If I recall correctly its an issue with the way the OS interacts with the app. I’m not sure if its something that you can work around on the device.

That’s interesting, so it appears when my phone into idle mode (black screen) communication lasts for about 5 minutes. So there is nothing we can do to keep the connection active?

What type of device/OS are you on? There might be some small improvements to work around, but I think most of it would be on the app side of things unfortunately.

I am testing this on a Samsung A10. I guess for the moment, keeping the phone active will avoid this from happening

You should look at modifying these two settings:

  1. Session Timeout, found in the Designer Menu under Project Properties > Perspective > General


  1. preventSleep found in Session properties (session.props.device.settings.preventSleep)


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Thanks for the advice, i have timeout on max value and preventSleep enabled. But if you press the lock button to set screen to black, it will still disconnect after a few minutes

Ah, yes, I believe this is indeed an OS-level “setting” to prevent app activity (and data usage) when the device is not in use. I don’t know if there is a way to prevent this.