Perspective mobile data entry issues

We’re developing a Perspective app to be used on mobile phones. When I add a numeric entry field or a text area and click it on the phone, a numeric or alphanumeric keyboard is displayed. The problem is that the keyboard don’t overlay the Perspective screen, rather the whole screen gets compressed into the area above the keyboard, which of course looks awful.

Is there any setting that forces the keyboard to overlay the screen? I’m using a Coordinate root container.

I’m just wondering, did you have to do anything (scripting?) to the entry fields to get a keyboard to pop up? I can’t get a keyboard to show up at all when using a text entry component on a phone.

No, this should be built-in functionality.

This is a problem I’m running into as well.

Good luck getting a response from IA on this. They ignored this post so I raised a ticket with them, jumped through hoops to prove the bug to them, then they just stopped answering.

Just another reason we don’t use Perspective.

Sorry about the miscommunication with support.

We’re tracking this as a bug that’s ready to work on but it hasn’t been picked up yet. We’re going to see if we can get it into the next sprint.

It’s not clear what the solution is because what you’re seeing is the native behavior of the Android WebView component and there is no configuration or setting to change it.