Perspective mode-Graph Chart

Hello everyone!!
I need to produce a graph chart in ignition “perspective view”,and I try XY Chart.
But I can’t do curved line.

Have someone did it?

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Try adjusting
props.series.0.line.appearance.tensionX and tensionY.
Start with values of 0.75.

From the manual:

Horizontal tension setting of the line. Range is 0 to 1. A 1 value indicates high tension, so the line is maximally attracted to the points it connects (i.e. straight line). A 0 value means the opposite. Default is 1.

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The result not good.
If my line keep going up.
it can looks flaws.

You would need to post some more information so we can help you.

  1. What do you want it to look like?
  2. What does it look like?
  3. What is the XY Chart configuration?
  4. What is the data?

In Project Browser, right-click on the XY Chart, copy and paste into a post here. Use the </> button to format your code!

Note: You have marked my post #2 as “Solution”. Is this correct? Is the problem solved?

like this.

if my value is up and down,it like good.
but if my value is keep going up, line looks flaws.

The XY Chart is based on AM Charts’ XY Chart. You can find details for tension settings in the documentation for smoothed lines. There are some examples in the documentation.

I don’t know why my “tensionY” no effect.
Are you the same?

My ignition version is 8.1.19

I’m on 8.1.18 and the tensionX works correctly for me.

My tensionX correctly too.
but tensionY is fail.