Perspective Modifying An Instance from Flex Repeater

I’m trying to modify an item in an instance of a flex repeater in script. So I get my array of instances like this:

alloys = self.getChilde('rptr').props.instances

When I attempt to change a value like such:

for alloy in alloys:
   alloy['item'] = newValue

No error is raised but the value is never changed. I noticed that the type for this is PropertyTreeScriptWrapper and not a dict like I would have expected. Is there a way to cast that to a dict or do I need to use that objects interface to change a value. (Seems unnecessarily convoluted).

You need the propertyTree to be able to change the value.

You probably also shouldnt change the properties 1 by 1 but all in one swoop, this will be better for performance when you have bindings and such on instances

	alloys = self.getChilde('rptr').props.instances	
	for alloy in alloys:
		a = dict(alloy)		
		a['value'] = newValue
	self.getChilde('rptr').props.instances = newAlloys