Perspective module with mobile end point

I am new to perspective module , our company purchase the license just now , we plan use ignition perspective module install on the Zebra TC-21 mobile end point.
we want to work in such condition
we have two group people,

  1. Production people
  2. Warehouse people
    if Production people click the button in his mobile end point, it will ask Warehouse people provide the raw material to him, the request will trigger the mobile end point in the warehouse people shock
    How to use ignition software to trigger the Zebra hardware’s shock function?

I mean, I would like to shock my coworkers sometimes, but I assume you mean vibrate? There is a scripting function for that. The zebras are just fancy android phones, so you should be able to use most of the mobile app features, however some of the hardware specific zebra features may not be accessible with perspective.


yes, this is just what I want , thanks a lot