Perspective Multi-monitors support

Hi all,
I see that Perspective Workstation lets run an app in multi-monitors mode. The need of my customer is a bit more sophisticated: on his gateway are 10 projects, 6 of them are single-monitor apps and the remaining are 2-monitors app. Each session in the factory should start from a sort of login project, which then launches the final project depending on some parameters (logged in users, parameters, ...): my problem is that the login project would be a single monitor project but it might start a double-monitor project. Is there any way to start a "secondary" view from a "primary" one programmatically, without having the need to configure a workstation?

Thanks in advance, regards

Have you verified that you can launch the other projects from another logged-in project without having to log in again on each one separately? (This came up recently--it doesn't work with any kind of strict security.)

In other words, your client's desire may be a bridge too far. Given that you probably need everything in a single project, you can set up both monitors for it.

Or consider using OS-level management of multiple browsers (instead of Workstation).

(As is often the case, Vision would have no difficulties what-so-ever with your client requirement.)