Perspective - Navigate - pageId

I search a way to reach a tab with the system.perspective.navigate.

What I want is to activate an existng tab.

There’s no (safe, sane, supported) API for javascript running in a web browser to request that a particular tab gets focus. Web browsers go to great pains to isolate tabs from each other for security reasons.

Whats the utility of sessionId and pageId into the system.perspective.navigate ?

All Perspective scripting functions accept pageId and sessionId parameters to support calling them from non-Perspective contexts. If you manually pass around a page or session ID, you can asynchronously call ‘into’ Perspective to perform an action. In practice, this is pretty uncommon (and, I’d argue, almost an anti-pattern/bad practice) but it is supported. What Perspective literally cannot do, however, is break the fundamental restrictions placed on web pages by web browsers.

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