Perspective Navigation Behaves Differently on Different Browsers

I am attempting to call the system.perspective.logout() function then immediately call system.perspective.navigate(url=self.custom.gatewayURLPath + "data/perspective/client/LandingPage")
This is called from a different project than LandingPage, so from project B to Project Landing Page.

So basically after logging the user out, move them to another page (somewhat of a custom login page).

Now it works as expected in Chrome, it logs the user out and creates a new session for project LandingPage.
Also, it work correctly on my Android phone from the Ignition Perspective app.

However, in Firefox, it does not behave this way. It just logs the user out only, it does not redirect them.
Anyone else ever notice this?

Something I would double-check is to print the URL to the console in the browser and verify that it’s correct… I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, but just a thought

Yep, I did that. Here is what was printed:
url= http://localhost:8088/data/perspective/client/LandingPage
which is what I want.