Perspective nested embedded views

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As we develop more and more perspective systems and build out our display libraries I am seeing a performance concern I wanted to ask about. We are utilizing many multi level embedded views for say a motor that is part of a machine that is part of a system. I have noticed that depending on the level of embedded view nesting, sometimes parameters and/or bindings in the lowest levels aren’t always correct. I am convinced it is caused by the rendering/binding/parameter passing update race that occurs when a view is displayed. Is this something others have noticed, it seems this has improved with version updates to ignition but still causes concern. Any info and or thoughts are welcome.



That issue sounds similar to a bug (confirmed by IA) that I have an open support ticket on. Bindings on embedded views are not being evaluated on page initialization. It seems specific to binded parameters that are complex data types (dictionary and lists).

The issue becomes more apparent with a larger quantity of embedded views on a page. The amount of levels the views were embedded did not make a difference.

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I don't know if it will help in your case, but I was running into a similar issue and I think what solved it for me was changing the loading order to "after-parent." It could be a bit slower to load, but it should ensure that the parent's parameters are present before the next view starts loading. It's something you could try at least.