Perspective - New Tooltips In Breakpoint Container


I have noticed that the new tooltip features in perspective are working only after minimizing or maximizing a browser sessions window.

My view is a Breakpoint Container, with a Flex Container for small mode (mobile devices) and another Breakpoint container for large mode. Inside the “large mode” breakpoint container, I have two flex containers (tablets & desktops).

On the desktop flex container, I setup a tooltip on a component.
(The new tooltips in 8.1.10 in the meta properties.)
Well, the tooltip will never work after navigating to the view in a browser session. But I noticed when I maximize the window (from restore down) or restore-down the window (from maximized), the tooltips will work for the rest of that views “lifetime”.
I have yet to determine if this is due to the container hierarchy described above. But it 100% repeatable in my project, in Chrome and Firefox.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks all!

Update: I got around it by making the tooltip an Icon component with a tooltip description parameter and using it as an embedded view. Not ideal, but it’s work-able for now.

Hey Chris, I just created a ticket for this issue you are running into and we will have this working as intended sooner rather than later. Thanks for pointing this out!