Perspective not updating view props for popup event selection

I’m working on ignition version 8.0.6, win10.

I’ve created the following props for a view:


However when I go to access these through configuring an event it hasn’t renamed them to the current names:

The issue is that these prop names aren’t updating and I’m having to use the previous naming for the props (ID_1, ID_2, etc…) to reference them and get them to work.

I think it’s a bug with the perspective UI and how it keeps track of naming.

Did you save the project between renaming the parameters and modifying the Popup Action?

I honestly can’t recall, it’s possible I might’ve.

I ended up deleting the old props and creating new view props for the popup.

But the configure event UI is still keeping track of the deleted props:

Could you send me the Popups/DowntimeUpdate View?

I see the parameters in question (the ones you’ve deleted) in the View you provided, and this seems like something we fixed fairly recently. I can tell you that I’m not encountering the issue any longer on my 8.0.8 (nightly) build.

The issue we fixed was that we used to just delete the properties from the Designer, but they would persist in the View properties (so you could make a complex object and supply properties to said object, then delete the object in the Designer, and then if you made a new object with the same key you would get your properties back). Now we truly delete properties/arrays/objects when a user does.

You COULD be seeing the params re-inserted if something writes to the deleted params (but that would be a weird setup since they’re input params).

I didn’t configure anything to write to those deleted params, as the naming structure was messed up. So there shouldn’t be anything pointing to those params, either to read or write.

I’ve installed ignition 8.0.7 and can still see the deleted params (see the screencap below). It’s not much of an issue for me at the moment as I’ve worked around it. Just trying to help fix any bugs with the software; So am happy to wait for 8.0.8 to be released in a stable build.

If you’re using the view.json file I provided you, then something else is going on, as - like you mentioned through direct messages - the view I supplied had only the desired params.

  1. Could you please send me the view.json file for the Popups/DowntimeUpdate View again please.
  2. Could you please search your project for any occurrences of “ID_1”, by clicking “Edit” in the top menu, then selecting “Find/Replace” (make sure that you select to search all Views by using the dropdown in that category). Please let me know if any other occurrences are present in the project.
  3. Does this project inherit the DowntimeUpdate View from any other project?

I’m still using my old version of it, which likely has those messed up hidden parameters that you now truly delete. So as you said, this probably won’t be an issue with views created in newer versions. I recreated and deleted those parameters in my old view after transitioning to 8.0.7 and they’ve disappeared.

  1. No occurrences of ID_1 found

  2. Nope, the project doesn’t inherit any views.

I think we can close the case on this one as you guys have fixed the issue when creating a view in the newer version.

Thanks for the help!

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