Perspective Numeric Entry (Button Style)

Hello All,

Using a numeric entry set to Button style which gives you a pencil icon next to the field to click and enter a value. My question is on formatting the popup that opens to show a decimal format. Is this possible? Also, I would like to control the amount that the up and down arrows adjust the value, it seems the default value is 1.0. Any help or information is appreciated.



What pencil icon?

If there is no prop for this then im afraid its not possible, it would require javascript.

edit: ah seems there is a prop for it
nvm it doesnt work for the button mode

if none provided an answer by monday give me a ping and ill take an other look. gtg now

So the spinner.increment does work on the popup too, but you have to have a value in it (value is not empty but is zero)

For styling you can change the theme.css (or use injection)
for the buttons

.ia_numericEntryFieldComponent__modal_content > .ia_numericEntryFieldComponent__modal_buttons > button {}

for the pencils (note its an svg)