Perspective Numeric Entry Default Value Out of Acceptable Range

I have a Perspective Numeric Entry with bounds from 1 to 100.
No matter the entry mode selected, I can remove ALL digits and commit the input value.
This results in a blank string value "" in the component.
BUT the actual graphic shows a 0.
I would rather have this revert back to the last acceptable value that was entered/displayed.


Has anyone else experienced this?
Are there any known workarounds?
I can think of a few but they seem a little complicated.

The Numeric Entry Field component works correctly on 8.1.22.

  • If I enter an out-of-range number it reverts to the previous in-range number.
  • If I delete all the digits it reverts to the previous number.
  • If I change the inputBounds to exclude the current value it does not automatically correct. (You would have to fix that in code.)

What version are you running?

Because of the format property, "" will always show 0 in the field, but the actualy value is still ""...
This is sometimes confusing (espessialy when dealing with values near 0 ) so avoid leaving the value "" or dont use the format (set it to none (then your placeholder will also be visible))

Thanks for the insights. And the version I am using is 8.1.20.
I will look into this again once the server is upgraded.