Perspective Numeric Entry Field Not Using Full Basis

Lately, I have been noticing that placing a Numeric Entry Field component within a column-oriented flex container is giving me unexpected results. The component appears to only use a set height that cannot be adjusted by the component’s basis:


Placing the component in a row flex container does not seem to have the same issue, though both still exhibit the known top/bottom margin bug.

Has anyone else encountered this? Right now, I’m embedding my numeric entry fields in coordinate containers set to percent mode, but it’s not ideal.

I ran into the same issue when making some templates. The only way I was able to get the height of the numeric entry to stretch to the full height was to have the numeric entry in a column flex container, in a row flex container.


The column flex container is set to center justify, stretch alignItems, flex-start alignContent, grow 1, shrink 1, basis ‘Auto’
The row flex container is set to flex-start justify, stretch alignItems ,stretch alignContent, grow 0, shrink 1, basis 120px ( the grow and basis for this container is how I’m maintaining the width of the entry)

End result:

I’m having this issue as well, though I updated from 8.0.16 to 8.1.10, so not sure which version this would have changed.
With mine, I have a flex container which is used in a flex repeater which resides in a coordinate container. But this only causes the issue in designer, but not the perspective session.

Here’s some other notes:
In it’s root flex container - The numerical labels are squished when the view size height is exactly the size of all components… If I increase the height size of the view, they expand to their full basis (grow is 0) as I expected.
However, when they are in my flex repeater, inside a coordinate container which is inside a tab container view, they remain squished.
But as I said above, when in a session, they appear normal, so it just makes it a little confusing in designer.

They didn’t do this in 8.0.16, but after upgrading, this all happened.

I’m still noticing this running 8.1.12. Has this been fix in .14 or do we have any update as to when it will be fixed?

Any updates?