Perspective numeric entry - how to accept change after inc drec with arrow buttons

When using the NumericEntryField in Perspective with direct mode I can use the up and down arrows to change the value but how do I enter this value? If I press enter on the keyboard the field reverts to the old value and the tag remains unwritten to. If I type in the value (rather than use the arrow keys) I can press enter and the new value is sent to the connected tag.

I’m thinking its a noob mistake as I’m just starting with Perspective.

What version of Perspective are you using? I’m using a nightly of 8.0.16 and I’m able to use the arrows to modify the value and then press Enter to commit this new value in both Chrome and Firefox.

I have the same problem with the Numeric Entry Field using direct mode in Perspective . I am using 8.0.14 and Chrome as a browser.

I’m using 8.0.13 and Chrome. I tried it on Firefox and it was still the same. Glad its not just me.