Perspective numeric entry using a style class with an out-of-range style defined


I am using a numeric input with bounds set. This entry is using a style class that has an element state out-of-range defined that should turn the background red. This does not appear to work as the component simply throws away the bogus value. I am looking for some indication that what the user entered was out of range. In Vision this was quite simple. How is this to be done in perspective?

Hi franklepkowski,

There is a property in the Numeric entry field component called invalidStyle where you set the background color to turn red when there is a number that is out of bounds. You can find this property by navigating to props > inputBounds > invalidStyle.


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  • What should be the behavior from numeric input filed when adding in the style classes -> Style Rules -> out-of-range -> Background "red". Input bounds Min/Max are defined. Currently background color does not change to "red" when input value out of bounds. Classes added under PROPS -> style.