Perspective Numeric Text Field Defer Updates

Vision Numeric Text Fields can defer updating until after the enter key (or some other form of commit) occurs. Will there be a similar option for Perspective?

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Numeric Entry Fields behave in this manner right now (I’m using 8.0.14). What version are you using?

8.0.14. A better question would be to have this feature so I can disable it and have keystrokes write immediately.

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There’s no way to commit value change after each key press right now. I believe there was a reason we could NOT do that, but I can’t remember what it is right now. I think it had something to do with the validation and not writing values until they’d been verified as within bounds and then formatted. I think the formatting is the main hold-up as suppose I try to type out a value of 1.123e6… That e can’t just be processed as part of the value because we don’t know what’s coming next. Until we pass our formatting requirements, we can’t commit the value.

Ok thanks. I’ll see if I can create a work around for them.

I am having an issue where if a user types in a value into a numeric entry object then clicks the "Submit" button, the numeric field goes blank (on its own, no scripts or anything on this field) and my button script highlights that field + any others that are empty. Is there any way to NOT defer updates on numeric fields or another workaround I can use?
I am running 8.1.23

I am running into this problem. The one solution I have hacked together is to use a One Shot Button with a confirmation. When the user hits the yes/no that does qualify to Perspective as having left the numerical entry field and the button will now see the updated information.

But that adds extra steps into submitting.

I have many fields in my view and it this data has to be entered many times a day so I wanted to avoid one-shot buttons and protected entry fields.
After playing around in my use case I found that adding a sleep timer of 0.10 seconds on my "Submit" button before executing my button script allowed enough time for the logic built into the numeric field to recognize the entered value and validate/accept it.

For additional info: a touchscreen Dell tablet is used to enter the data into my main view. This view has 20 or so numeric field widgets (embedded views) to capture data. My "Submit" button in this main view has a script to iterate over embedded objects and grab their values to send to a database. If a field is empty the button logic highlights that field - which before adding a timer would always highlight the field under focus before hitting the button (despite that widget having data typed into it).

Out of curiosity, if your Submit button is dependent on data from various fields having been applied, should it not have its enabled state bound against the verification of data?