Perspective - on cell double click event on Table component?

I’d like to know what cell (row and column) a user double clicked on in a table. Is that possible?
I basically want to let the user double click on a cell which will add the text to a filter so they can easily filter the table just by double clicking on cell text. E.g. in the audit log

To pre-empt the inability to be able to do this:

Update: I note that there’s an onSelectionChange event, but not sure if I can add double click to it. I might have to combine this with onRowDoubleClick by setting the column using onSelectionChange and then grabbing the row and filtering onRowDoubleClick using the column from onSelectionChange which should hopefully fire always before double click.

Update update: The method above works :slight_smile:

You can get the selected props in the doubleclick event


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you are making it harder than it has to be :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, oops! You might be able to tell how much i’ve used the table component before… (not very much!) Thanks, i’ll change to this instead so it’s less convoluted!

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