Perspective on IPad with SSL

Excuse my terminology, I’m not super familiar with certification yet.
We are having the following issue at a client:

We want to roll out Perspective on multiple IPad’s via the Perspective app. We are able to run it in the browser.
Via the Perspective app, our IPad’s are able to identify the server when we give in https://serveradress:8043.
Next page we get is one where the Perspective app suggests to download the certificate in the form of a configuration profile.
When we follow the link, the IPad goes to localhost:8800 and asks “This website is trying to download a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?”.
Next, we see on our IPad we have downloaded the wrong certificate. It downloaded the root CA, but the Ignition server has a certificate that is underneath the root CA, but somehow, the IPad doesn’t seem to get that one.

When we use our designer launcher it does download the right certificate on our pc.
When we use an Android device, it does download the right certificate and we can access the application.
Only on IoS (or IPadOS) we get this issue.

We see two possibilities:

  • Or the Perspective app on IoS does something wrong and doesn’t ask for the certificate in the right way.
  • Or the certificate server isn’t handing out the right certificate when the certificate is asked from an IoS device.

How could we test which options it is and how can we solve it?

Kind regards,