Perspective On-screen Keyboard on Linux

Hello - I’m using Perspective Workstation on Linux with a touch screen. The On-Screen keyboard does not launch when I try to login. I do have an OSK installed.

does it launch outside of the workstation?

Depending on the linux distro you may have to enable the on-screen keyboard on the OS settings. If you provide some more information about the distro you are using and what version of workstation you are on it might help get you sorted.

Jonathan C

I can launch it independently outside of workstation; it does not launch behind the workstation browser.

It is IGEL OS running XFCE (I think). Running Perspective Workstation 8.1.7.

I remember you posting in the past about getting workstation running on this device. I know its not on the supported systems list, but could you check if the on screen keyboard appears under chrome on this system?

It does not - good thought. I figured out an inelegant work around on the thin client (enabling an always-on-top keyboard toggle button), but I’ll circle back with the vendor to see if we can figure out why it’s not popping up. I’ll reply on here if I find that it works on Chrome and not on Workstation. Thanks!