Perspective on Windows CE 6.0?


We designed a preliminary application on perspective to be used on a barcode scanner for shipping & receiving (barcode scanner is a Motorola MC9190), unfortunately we hit a road block when trying to launch the page as the device has the old Internet Explorer and was unable to find any of the other listed compatible browsers for Windows CE 6.0.

The only browser that I was able to install and browse to the page was from Zetakey the only issue is that the perspective page was completely blank, so we didn't get the "Browser not supported" overlay, it was just a blank page.

I tried calling Motorola, they transferred me to Zebra, and hit another road block with them as the device is not supported at all anymore, same with IA support, they recommended I try to update the device and install a compatible browser

What would be our next best solution for this? Should we consider a different ignition module like WebDev for example?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

WebDev may be the only reliable choice. Perspective depends on modern HTML5 technologies that don't exist in IE at all. However, Zetakey claims support for the right buzzwords. Is there any chance you simply didn't have javascript enabled in Zetakey?

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