Perspective onClick action stops working after some time, no error in gateway log

I have some strange behavior with ignition version from 8.1.23 and later that the bound "onClick action" stops working. With 8.1.22 it's working just fine. So I've bound a script to the onClick action at the root container of a defined View, that is placed as an embedded view inside another view, which toggles a popup, example:

	logger = system.util.getLogger("onClickPopup")"Triggered")
	tagPath = self.view.params.udtBinding.tagPath		
		params={'tagPath': tagPath},,

So the problem is that after some time when I click the embedded view the popup is not shown and I cannot see any "Triggered" log message in the gateway log at all. My guess is that it seems like the bound onClick events stops working and that something crashed. I've checked in the web-browser console aswell but no message there at all.

So is there anyone else who is experiencing the same issue?

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I seem to be experiencing this issue as well, I'm on 8.1.26. The onClick event is enabled and can't get anything to work from it. I copied the json and it's in there. I have the same structure and setup on another view where it's working fine.