Perspective open Popup menu with table


Is there a way to create a popup menu with a perspective table when your right click on a row ? I would like to use an equivalent of system.gui.createPopupMenu() in perspective ?


You’ll obviously need to supply the expected arguments for the popup, but if you right-click the Table component in the Designer and select “Configure Events”, you can use the onRowClick Event to open a Popup.

I think flavien is talking about a dropdown context menu rather than opening a View as a popup, although this may be the only option at the moment?

Two things:

  1. I didn’t see that the original post said “right-click”. Tables have no way to specify a row during a context click, so no - opening a popup/dropdown on a right-click is not possible.
  2. If you do want a dropdown for a cell, then you need to set the cell to display as a View and supply a View which has the dropdown you will be supplying values to or reading from.
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My question concern a context popup menu when you right click on a row like in vision module.
I understand it’s not possible in perspective.
Thank you cmallonee, your 2nd idea is interesting. I’ll try to create a dropdown/button in a cell view to drop the containing row.